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The M.E.N's ministry is a group specifically for men over the age of 18, meeting on the 1st Saturday if every month. These meet ups take on a variety of different forms, including breakfasts, paintballing, sport and times of praise/worship. Why don't you join us? Check this page for regular event updates, or contact the Church office for more information.


M.E.N is a ministry about relationships. None of us are immune to struggles but many deal with their struggles in secret.


We have all faced a challenge or struggle or know someone who has. Our best example is the life of Jesus and it`s through Christ teaching`s and our own lives experiences that we Mentor, Empower and Nurture each other to press forward.


Remaining connected is paramount to us. A text message, phone call, email, a visit or just meeting up for a coffee makes a difference and can often impact an individual in ways you nor I could imagine.


We all face challenges or struggles. You don’t have to be alone. 


Why not be a part of the M.E.N's ministry?

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